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How Much Do SEO Services Cost?

When looking to get SEO services done for your company, it’s essential to know how much they cost. Many factors go into the total price of an SEO Service, so there isn’t a set cost per se. However, if you want some insight into pricing out an SEO service package, read below!

What are the different SEO pricing models?

Different industry types require different strategies, and agencies will provide different services for different projects based on a business’ needs. For example, whether you hire an inexpensive SEO consultant or an eCommerce SEO agency, you will encounter a few different pricing models.

SEO hourly rate

SEO consultants, freelancers, and solo agencies often charge hourly rates for their services. The pricing structure is sometimes used for less-complex projects or SEO services that require particular work, such as keyword research, web analytics, and content creation. Depending on the difficulty and requirements of the task, hourly rates can range between $50 to $250. Highly skilled consultants might charge more.

If you are looking to pay for SEO services by the hour, it may be a better idea to hire a consultant to conduct an SEO audit and then pay an hourly rate for specific SEO services like copywriting, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, or technical optimization when needed.

SEO monthly rate

Most SEO agencies charge a monthly fee, sometimes called “SEO packages.” It usually involves an initial conversation, also known as onboarding, and:

  • Technical audit
    • Keyword research
    • Analytics setup and configuration
    • Recommendations
    • Content editing and optimization with possible backlinks
    • Internal Link Building
    • Title tag and meta tag creation
    • Monthly custom report
    • Monthly review call

Using this method, you can maintain your marketing budget while paying for well-defined, measurable SEO efforts based on the keywords you wish to rank.

SEO monthly fees can range from $500 to $5000 – more experienced agencies may charge more. In addition, SEO professionals sometimes offer different retainer tiers with different inclusions when calculating their monthly fees.

SEO project-based rate

Project-based SEO might be appropriate when multiple activities are involved, but there are no recurring requirements. For example, technical audits requiring on-page fixes, redesigns of silos, or content marketing initiatives can be included as part of a project with an agreed-upon timeline and deliverables.

SEO project-based prices can range from $500 to thousands of dollars depending on the complexity of the project and the resources required. There are some companies, however, with more experience charges prices in the thousands.

Pricing by the cart

You can purchase content only, do keyword research, or buy SEO backlinks if you know what you’re doing, or just get an audit to get an idea of where to go.

You can save money, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re not going to get any results, or worse, you’ll damage your SEO. Pricing by the cart services include:

  • SEO audit
    • Content
    • Backlinks
    • Site speed optimization
    • Citation
    • Keyword research
    • Backlink clean up

 What are the factors that affect SEO pricing?

  • The size of the website: An eCommerce website with thousands of pages won’t be the same as a website for a small law firm or a retail store. The needs of e-commerce sites differ from those of law firms or retail stores, so SEO for e-commerce sites should be different from small firms.
  • Competition: A keyword is a vital part of SEO, and the steps needed to rank it will vary depending on the industry and competition.
  • Business goal: SEO services are tailored according to the website’s goals. Some sites require site maintenance and structural work, while others require in-depth optimization requiring additional resources.
  • Service model: Whether you choose an hourly, retainer-based, or ala carte service model will depend on your digital marketing plan. Moreover, whether you choose the fixed package or a customized one, which SEO package you take will impact your final rate. As a general rule, communicate with your consultant and ensure that you get an appropriate campaign for your digital marketing goal.

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