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Dominador D. Casas – Senior SEO Specialist

My name is Dominador D. Casas Jr., owner of Philippines SEO Services and I’m a professional SEO with 13 years of experience handling optimization projects for various websites across different industries. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to provide the best SEO services on a number of incredible projects that have allowed me to grow and establish myself within this competitive industry. I hope you’ll enjoy viewing some my projects as much as I enjoyed working on them. Go ahead and explore, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to learn more.

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Dominador D. Casas Jr. – SEO Specialist

I started my career as an SEO in 2009 for Snap in Media LLC, a Digital Marketing Agency from Berthoud, Colorado, owned by Cary Bergeron and his wife, Denise Bergeron.

I then worked as an SEO specialist for Apartment in Columbia, SC, in 2011. From 2011 to 2012, I worked as an SEO specialist to different clients, including SEO Clockwork, a digital marketing agency, and as an SEO Supervisor at My Blue-Chip Staff, where I further enhanced my skills in executing SEO campaigns for large brands, creating SEO processes for websites, monitoring and analyzing websites’ performance using various web analytics, and many other skills that have molded me to where I am right now.

Here are some reviews from his work:

Reviews 1

From 2012 to 2014, I worked as a full-time SEO Manager at HCGChica, where I directed client management and came up with branding campaigns as the client-long-term social search engine and social media marketing strategy for YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter marketing ideas. I also helped develop and improve clients’ affiliate marketing strategies. My achievements during these years include maintaining the client’s 1st page ranking in Google, Yahoo, and Bing, improving the client’s site PageRank from 0 to 5 in just 16 months, and branding the clients herself in her niche. Below is an image that shows the ranking position on Google, Bing, and Yahoo for the listed target money keywords of this project.

hcgchica rankings 1 1
From “Not Found” to #1 on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

After working with HCGChica, I have worked as SEO In-charge of Integral Pharma Pvt Ltd from 2017-2021, Being SEO In-charge, I was responsible for Integral Pharma Pvt Ltd.’s overall website performance, organic traffic, rankings, and conversion/sales for their generic medicines and weight loss product. I managed a team of Link Builders, Copywriters, Full-stack Web Developers, Graphic Designer, Task Manager, and Community Engagement Officer.

Below are some of his achievements as SEO In-charge of Integral Pharma Pvt Ltd on 3 different e-Commerce websites.

Work Result 2 1
Work Result 2
Work Result 1 1

My role was to make sure I come up with a good SEO strategy/campaign to improve this e-commerce site’s organic traffic, rankings, and sales while managing the team and providing them their specific task to achieve our goal. All sales in this image are organic no paid campaign was done.

Here are the top 10 things I’m good at as Professional SEO;

  1. Website Audit
  2. Data Analysis
  3. Competitors Analysis
  4. KPI and CRO
  5. Keyword Research
  6. SEO Campaign Creation
  7. Technical Optimization – website structure, crawling, index, page speed, mobile usability, ssl, structured data and schema markup, Robot.txt, cpanel management.
  8. On-Page – Content Structure, URL Structure , Meta Title & Description, proper us of h1-h6, Internal linking,
  9. Off-Page (Google My Business, Business Listings & Citation, Backlink Campaigns)
  10. Maximize organic traffic, rankings and conversion/sales.

Over 13 years I have work over 1000 websites that I can’t remember all of them. But here are some sites I can remember:


I can help you rank your website with my 6 months SEO Strategy wherein 60% of the keywords on position #1 and 40% of the target keywords on position 2-10 on the first page of Google,Bing, Duckduckgo and Yahoo.

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